I am having this problem with coookies at work and at home. The same problem. I have written a few dozen web applications with asp & vb script. I have used cookies in most of them without a problem. Using the same computeres. Now all of a sudden i have these problems. I can write cookies without any problems, it seems, but i cannot read them at all. By read i mean using the following code :

input type=text name=txtname value=' " & request . cookies ( " strname " ) & " '

i did not add the response....write "" or the html tag brackets >< becuase i think this message is html enabled. Trust me, on the real page the code is perfect. Ive comapred to code from previous applications that used cookies successfully and to code on msdn. At work i have a windows 2k pro machine and at home i have a windows xp pro machine. I have tried cleaning out my cookies, resetting my history, etc. cookies still work for other sites on both computers. Can anybody help me? id appreciate it.