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Thread: request.cookies doesnt work....

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    request.cookies doesnt work....

    i am using asp with vbscript. it writes the cookies without a seems. The cookies always has whatever value i assign it. it just wont read it. im using response & request to read and write the cookies. I checked MSDN and checked previous applicationsto make sure that the sytax is right. it is so perfect is pains me to see it not work. some co workers suggested that i clear out my cookies and my history and then try it. It didnt change a thing. Any ideas?

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    Hey Hey,

    How about you post a snippit of your code here, so we can take a look at exactly what you are doing. Without seeing how you have it coded, it's impossible to tell you what you are doing wrong.

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    here is the "read" code:

    response.Write "<tr><td align=right><b>Your Name:</b></td><td align=left><input type=text name=txtcname ID='txtcname' value='" & request.cookies("cname") & "'></td></tr>"

    And Here is the "write" code:

    response.cookies("cname" ).path = "\"
    response.cookies("cname" ).expires = "12/31/2010"
    response.cookies("cname") = request.querystring("cname")

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