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    News Site

    I was baout to make one of those "Multiple News Threads" but nah i'll just give you the link where i get my news from. it's good source so enjoy.

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    Memory whats up with your gay ass avatar???


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    You could have PM'ed me about this too. Whats wrong with you man. You posted those flowers in every post tonight. Ok, are you high? Yes? Im happy for you, you dont have to tell us all.

    Avatar? I think Rikku is the cutest character of every FF game. So there is why.

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    Hey, stop bashing his gay avatar. Maybe you should put on the bottom, for a good *******, call 555-suk-****

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    Yeah, dude that Avatar is ****ing gay. I understand Rikku is cute and all. (Sad that we are calling game characters Cute.) But as an avatar. I just don't understand. Dude, I am going to have to come back to Mentor and Bitch slap you I know it.

    And Cheyenne your Fruit Loop ass has no room to talk. I won't even make a comment about albn. We all know he is suspect.

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    Nice site MemorY.
    And Whizkid, long time no c man, were you been hiding?
    And cheyenne, your getting High, and you didn't invite me?


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