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Thread: ASN.1 flaw in Windows 98, ME

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    ASN.1 flaw in Windows 98, ME

    M$ is releasing a patch for the ANS.1 flaw for Windows 98 & ME users - but it's by request only . They say they're not releasing a widespread patch because the vulnarability is not as severe in 98 & ME as in XP & 2000.

    To request a patch call Microsoft @ 1-866-727-2338.

    Just amazes me - a patch on demand - not available online. Gotta love M$.

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    Thanks for the info. When I d/l the patch for XP, I noticed that there
    no patch for 98 & kinda wondered why. Time for the phone call to M$.

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    Very strange?

    I have come across patches for specific issues that were on demand only (negative available space reporting, for example), but this was because the patch could screw up a system that did not have the problem?

    This patch applies to all systems with 98/ME?


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    I just called the number and eventually was connected with
    someone in customer service. I told him that I needed the Win98
    patch for their 828028 and he said "old 98 or the new 98"
    I told him that I needed both of them. The rep sent me a zip file
    for a patch for 98se.
    I'm just guessing, but I bet that they have different patches for
    98 & ME.

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    Microsoft has been trying officially stop supporting those older OS's but they still help a little from time to time.
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