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Thread: Is Antionline a security threat?

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    Is Antionline a security threat?

    Hi all, stuck in the wonderful country that is the UK and our lack of broadband in rural areas im stuck on a 56K connection which at times can get dam slow. However at college they have a nice broadband connection which makes life fast. I pointed my browser over to which i have been visting regualry at home but never posted to. When i was stopped by the colleges filtering system controlled by a RM proxy. I was wondering if you considered and its content as threat to the integrity of a network or why RM or a system administrator would, is this supposed to act as obscurity as a method of security? Thanks
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    Your administrator has probably enabled a content filter which look for "hack" or "hacking" occurences in accessed websites and which block concerned sites.
    It is very common and annoying in school networks.
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    Knowlege is power,
    if you get too much power, colleges phear students with power..

    hence you are only free to visit stupid sites


    yup, some filters (even commercial ones) consider AO as a dangerous place, perhaps that's caused (partialy) by the old download section
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    I don't know how they do things at colleges in the UK... but at my college... they dont' restrict us from anything.

    You'd think that restricting what college students can see/view will inhibit their ability to learn and explore. More of a "you can learn this and only this" type of thing? I personally don't believe in censorship of college students. They are mostly over 18 yrs old and legally an adult. let them make their own choices on what they can and can't view.

    Now, if it was high school... then yes. I'd agree with some censorship... at least till they get hom to their broadband connection where most parents don't even pay attention to what their kids are doing online.... let alone try to filter it.

    But yes and no. It can be both. nihil pointed out the download section of archived files.
    Antivirus will pick up mostly everything "bad" in there.

    But I'd say no mostly. If you're asking for help hacking, you're most likey not going to get it. If your asking for help or reading how to be more safe in a digital world, then thats all the better.

    You may want to speak with the admin for access.
    Let him read the front page. (before login)
    It tells you straight up what AO is and is not.
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    I think that its probably just being filtered. I think that AntiOnline is a great asset to the security community and that I am sorry to hear that you cannot get it at school.

    If the school did purpously block it as a individual site, then they may have not read into it and fully understand what the AO communitee is really about, giving good information to help provide security.

    Just my 2cents
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    Maybe you could present them with the facts, and try to change their mind?

    AntiOnline is a website focussing on protection against hackers.

    AntiOnline is owned and operated by JupiterMedia:

    Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM), ( headquartered in Darien, CT, is a leading provider of global real-time news, information, research and media resources for information technology, Internet industry and graphics professionals. JupiterWeb, the online division of Jupitermedia is joined by Jupiter Research, a leading international research advisory organization specializing in business and technology market research in 18 business areas and 14 vertical markets and Jupiter Events, which produces offline conferences and trade shows focused on IT and business-specific topics, including Wi-Fi Planet, Search Engine Strategies and Internet Planet in serving the industry.
    AntiOnline offers a discussion board, where members can discuss the latest security-related topics, as well as join in discussions regarding technology, programming, software,... including but not limited to antivirus, firewalls, IDS, and cryptography.

    blablabla blablabla...

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    Actually, it's probably the default of an old site blocker software. I know some used to block AO because of it's former reputation. I suspect that might be more the case. As was suggested, you might want to talk to your admin and ask them if they could remove AO off the list.
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    Look at the "Keywords" --Computer Security,Hacking,Hacker,Crackers,Virus,Virii,Webpages,DOS,Denial of Service,files,links,encryption,spoofing,news,texts,password,port monitors,key logger,phreaking,boxes,wardialers,patches,exploits,fixes,hot fixes,antionline,bugs,technology--

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    I would have to agree with I_T_G, as much as everyone else made good points. The keywords do cover the hit words most companies try to block. (schools also)

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    Description: AntiOnline's mission is to educate users about computer security related issues.

    From Google:
    Computer security educational site.

    The keywords are bad though. I mentioned this before in another post about this subject. You also have to think about that keywords are not as powerfull as they used to be for SEP.

    I thought this was funny though:

    IIS Resources is punking us by sending us script kiddies.

    AntiOnline Last Update: 10/04/2003 21:56
    Hackers know the weaknesses in your system. Shouldn't You? An extensive collection of tools/exploits used by hackers to hack all sorts of OS's. Over 300 windows specific exploits.
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