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Thread: Kerio: the key to hacker protection?

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    Kerio: the key to hacker protection?

    Kerio today released an upgrade of its personal firewall.

    As you can see in the attached screenshot, the good people at Kerio will always be one step ahead of hackers, since they seem to have mastered the noble and long-forgotten art of time-travel.

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    lmao xD.

    They must live in teh future o_O;;;;
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    Neg: The sad thing is you actually read the date......
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    It took me a long time to notice that the date was slightly off. But, lmao, that is an extremely silly error to make

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    lol..such a silly error. But hey the firewalls great! lol.
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    Ive used Kerio4 for about a year and did all its possible upgrades, but I think they didn't fix "everything". Using opera 7.23, Kerio still allows some website imbeded ads to appear (although its pop-up blocker is quite good). Now, im using Zone Alarm Pro and to my surprise Zone Alarm detected some intrusions which Kerio4 didn't. Well Kerio is still a very solid firewall although configuring it "properly" is a real pain on the head.

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    Why does it keep detecting file adn printer sharing?
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

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    Cause Kerio is designed to detect every program which is executed in your system. You could choose "allow" or "deny" then save configuration if you get annoyed of being prompted by Kerio.

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    Well then, I hope you actually paid for your version of Zone Alarm Pro instead of pirated it. As I don't see why you should pay $60 for what the Kerio free can do

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