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Thread: Encryption Tools

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    Encryption Tools

    It was merely while messing around and looking at some at some encryption software on a friends computer that i actually realised that the original file wasn't been encrypted. They were using a free version of finecrypt available here.
    Finecrypt Download

    Not using encryption software a great deal before i had never paid much attention but i thought maybe it was just the trait of windows based freeware encryption tools. So i got home i decided to download a copy of KGpg for the KDE desktop on my *nix box. Very nice it is too

    Anyway back to the point this in turn this did the same thing as Finecrypt it made a encrypted copy of the original. I was trying to wonder why this was and could only imagine that it was encase you forgot the phaseword or lost the encryption keys, thus you would have a back up as to speak. You could in turn just delete the original and you would be just left with the encrypted version of the file or, so my friend thought, it was only when i pointed out that you could access the raw data on the HD and bring back that unencrypted original that he was took by suprise. It has had me pondering since is it possible to find encryption software for either Windows or a *nix OS that does encrypt the original file. With my experience with not ignorant but illiterate computer users not many of them realise that data can be brought back from what they thought as the deleted and without software that throughly deletes files and then overwrites the data so it cannot be brought back the unencrypted file lives on. Does this not pose a threat to the small point and click home user who thinks their important files are nicely encrypted and safe?
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    He, never thought about that
    That's actually very true, you could use shredder for the original file but that's still not going to work completely...
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    Good Encryption Software have shredder inside! I know the one I'm using have an option to secure delete file that I encrypt.
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