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Thread: Free Lindows (no BS)

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    Free Lindows (no BS)

    I wanted to check out lindows but really did not want to pay for an OS that I wasnt going to keep but wanted to play with. I had seen how lindows sometimes offer a free version for a day with a special code. So I looked aournd and found out that lindows offers there devlopers version to anyone that does kde devloping.

    they give you all the steps here:
    Its really simple

    Nowtheres no proof required and anyone can download it. You sit in a queue for quite a while though before you can download. Also intersting to note is that you fill out the info for the devlopers version and then they let you download any version you want. But developer is probably the best since its bundled with gcc.

    Id say if your really not a developer and you download lindows and like it, that you should buy it. There plenty of good free OS's out there so you dont need to get lindows either.
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    Wait a second. Is the whole idea of Linux to tailor it to your own needs? I mean if you can tweak or do your own code, you are a developer. Okay, okay, it may not be 100% legit espcially if you are not a KDE desktop enviroment programmer (Qt... whew...), but what the hell? It comes with development tools...

    Then again, there is always Mandrake-Linux, Fedora, Slackware....

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    Lindows is offering versions of its OS via P2P networks, they also have a LiveCD out. So, if you want to try Lindows free use BitTorrent or any other P2P network and download it.

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