Computer Data, Inc. is sponsoring a seminar on the Cisco Security Agent

Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Thursday, March 4th (Lunch included)

Location: 25786 Commerce Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071

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What is Cisco Security Agent?

Your desktops and servers are vulnerable. Every week it seems like there is another announcement of a new security hole and every week there is another virus or worm written to exploit last week's vulnerability. The classic solution is to keep your desktops and servers current with the latest patches and keep your anti-virus signature files up to date.

That is great advice (always provided by somebody that does not have to load the patches) but the reality is you can never quite keep up with patches and, it is sometimes a day or two before a patch is available.

Cisco Security Agent (CSA) provides a Day Zero solution. Instead of relying on signatures to identify attacks, CSA watches for attack-like activities on your desktops and servers. When it senses an attack CSA stops it and logs details about the attack. Because it is watching for actions not a signature CSA can provide protection immediately.

What You Will Learn in the Seminar?

Led by a security expert from Cisco. This seminar will include a thorough description of what Cisco Security Agent does and a demonstration of simulated attacks in a laboratory environment.

How to Sign Up?

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