In High School we have a novell network! A crapy one at that! They even let you use the admin. tools. I was able to close my friends g drive(the preassigned drive they let us use)! And password security is at a null! You can guess about half of them and the other ones you don't know you can look in the .pwl files! Now lately I have been playing around with batch programing! Oldschool I know but I found a weakness! I guess... I made a batch file and programmed it to open different programs( like ms-dos, explorer, etc!). Now I can surf the web, make files, etc! Of course you can figure out the rest! Without signing on!!!! I know you need a account first but like I told before you can guess about half of the school! Now is this the fault of my school's stupid admins or novells? both maybe! I guess noone cares about internal security!