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Thread: Caller ID for email ?

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    Caller ID for email ?

    Just when you think you've heard it all, Microsoft announces something else..

    What do you folks think of this, could it work ? drawbacks, gotcha's ?

    Caller ID for E-Mail Technical Specification

    Published: February 24, 2004

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    Bill Gates Outlines Technology Vision to Help Stop Spam

    "Caller ID for E-Mail: The Next Step to Deterring Spam" is the Microsoft draft specification to address the widespread problem of domain spoofing. Domain spoofing refers specifically to the use of someone else's domain name when sending a message, and is part of the larger spoofing problem, the practice of forging the sender's address on e-mail messages.

    Caller ID for e-mail would verify that each e-mail message originates from the Internet domain it claims to come from. Eliminating domain spoofing will help legitimate senders protect their domain names and reputations, and help recipients more effectively identify and filter junk e-mail

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    Seems like someone has already been trying it out for awhile already :

    AOL tests caller ID for e-mail

    America Online is testing an antispam filter intended to accurately trace the origin of e-mail messages, a move that could bring new accountability to the Net if it proves reliable.

    The online unit of media giant Time Warner last week implemented SPF, or Sender Permitted From, an emerging authentication protocol for preventing e-mail forgeries, or spoofing. The trial involves the company's 33 million subscribers worldwide and is the first large-scale test for the protocol, which standards groups are considering along with various other e-mail verification proposals.
    Seems quite interesting but I guess that only time will tell. But hey at least it's a step forward to make the work for spammers harder.

    Just my 2 cents ....
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    heh.. if anyone needs this.. AOHELL lusers will for sure.

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    heh.. if anyone needs this.. AOHELL lusers will for sure
    Hey hey watch it

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    what.. you're a sensitive aolhell luser ?

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    There is *67

    *67 blocks your number from caller ID so isn't there or are they sure that there won't be anything like that for their so called caller id for email? I say use spam filters and a spam email address whick you use to sign up for different stuff.

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