The only thing I was reffering the whole learning spectrum.
Ranking system:
0- Don't even know something exists.
1- Have an idea about something but don't know it's possible.
2- You have limited exposure to that thing.
3- You have a firm grasp on whatever it is. You can do whatever the task is with profficient ease.
4- Your a wizard. You can teach others, and modify the data so that someone else, thats not you, can understand what your saying. You can put it into terms that whoever is trying to learn whatever the subject is can understand with ease.

The problem with google and such search engines, is that it takes a string that it understands, lets say "BLUE" and searches with it's robots for all topics regaurding BLUE..that have that exact string in the sites it knows searches through the meta keywords, etc etc.

Now..Lets say..BLUE and RED are related somehow..the user wants BLUE.
-By that search, how are you gaurunteed to find "BLUE" if the robots can't find it?

Now in this case..relate RED with WEP and BLUE with "the best encryption out there".

We here, as experts, can guide users from thinking of "the best encryption out there", to "WEP" other words....not only teach others in a better way, bring more hits to the site, but build an expert community that isn't thinking in terms of "WEP is the best encryption out there", but thinking "Why is WEP the best encryption out there? By your very thorough description it sounds pretty weak...". How will you find something on a search engine, if you don't know what "exactly" to look for? That is why isn't the best choice all of the time. And, as a BBS that hosts an expert community, you will be sure that your getting good information, and not just some one page essay for a high school assignment about the basics of encryption for a computer science class. And people like to talk.

Not to flame or anything, but alot of people don't understand that... It's just logical, if you don't know what to search for then you won't find anything..

And..another question.

We need some more info...

The basics..of coarse, not setting your AP right..not changing admin pw etc etc. But, what type of equipment are you running as well? Alot of this depends on what your running. Some hardware vendors bundle in a security audit software to go through..but most don't.
We need to know more is all.