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Thread: Need Help!!!

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    Need Help!!!

    Okay first of all, I would like to commend all you guys for the great job you are doing!! I have been looking for a security site to call my home. I have a couple of "HARDCORE" bodybuilding sites up (if you know what I mean) and securtiy is the utmost concern for me. Right now my major concern is my personal pc. I want to be able to surf the net anonymously which is why I have ZoneAlarm (incoming attacks) the latest version. Also I am running Stealther 2.7, but everytime I got to teh inet police site it still shows my real IP address, so I am figuring I don't have the configurations set up right for Stealther 2.7(IP Anonymity). I also have downloaded PGP for key validation and encryption. Want my files to be protect from BigBrother also. I also have reverted to using a hushmail account(gonna upgrade to the premium service after I get used to it). Once I set up my husmail accounts I am going to use IMAP to download through Outlook. I am running Windows XP using Mozilla as my Primary browser b/c I understand it is more secure than IE, right?

    My question is why is Stealther 2.7 not working? I have it in SuperStealth Mode. I have total of about 900 proxy and it is saying none of them is working? When I visit Inet police it pulls up my real IP address...? Any suggestions on configuring would be great!!! Stealther only supports SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 - I have no idea what this means!?! I know...I have spent the past 2 days up 48 hours reading all this stuff and sorting through all this info(beleive it is alot) and I still Only have managed to determine that I need security...It is so many services it is confusing. I am taking a C++ class too...Am going to take some more programming classes too.

    Thanks for all the help and great knowledge...Here as soon as I get up to spead, I will try to contribute as much as possible. Thanks.
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    You might try anonimyzer . com , and try using their outlet till your set up is correct. It sounds as if you havent configured it correctly.nightwalker

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    Not sure if this is going to help ya mate, but I got this from their FAQ's on their website:

    Q: Although SA is running, the testsite always shows my real IP.

    A: Be sure that you have configured your SA correctly and that you are surfing in a higher mode than "DirectNet ".

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    You may also want to check your ISP. Some like Comcast will still report your true ID.

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    first thing, welcome to the site.
    Just remember one thing, the use of PGP will guarantee that BigBrother will watch/copy/crack your mails, as to them any one that wants to have a secure set up, MUST have something to hide ??
    I'm suprised that the AO Doom-monger -Nihil - hasn't been here and spread the good news? As for the reading, I've been here a while, and it just keeps on keeping on.
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

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    Just remember one thing, the use of PGP will guarantee that BigBrother will watch/copy/crack your mails, as to them any one that wants to have a secure set up, MUST have something to hide ??
    I couldn't disagree more. I use PGP so that my mail can not be caught in transit by others and used against me and my network. It isn't about doing something wrong, it's the security against the script kiddies or malicious blackhat that can intercept important information I send out.

    Example: I have the entire lifehistory and information of a client I am working on because of a recent request to test the Companies ability to ward of social engineers (they failed, obvious). Now, that's a lot of personal data about someone else that doesn't need to be in the hands of others, especially if someone else would use it against them. I would never send it plaintext. And if you sent it to me plaintext, I would fire you. Encryption protects not just against the eyes of *big brother*, but against packet sniffers, router caches, and ultimately personal network security.

    The government recognizes this. How do we know? If they were against encryption and automatically assumed everyone encrypting data and hiding themseves were doing something illegal (rather than merely protecting their privacy against others) such software would have been made 100% illegal to us in the United States. But it isn't. It is encouraged and used by them as well.

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    if you have a list of proxies and your software says they're all not working maybe your list is outdated? where did you get this list from? also all proxies do not work together chained. there is a certain order that you need to do this is. Socks>http but not the other way or something. it escapes me right now and im to tired to look it up for you. make sure your proxies are live and their in a compatable arrangment.

    how can you be sure the proxies you are using are trustworthy and your not in fact using a 'big brother' proxy. echelon installed on a few proxies and goodby annominity :-)
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    Big brother?

    I'm always under the impression that if *big brother* wants to get into somebodies computer they'll find a way no matter what security is in place.

    I resign myself to this fact, and at the same time desire security just to keep out malicious crackers that would screw my PC up. I get the impression that big brother would observe and not hiijack a pc, rather they would just *monitor* anybody they are suspicious of for whatever reason. I don't think this can really be answered though can it?
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    big brother?

    why do you worry of big brother?

    there are soo many people out there who are hacking away and never get caught!

    for many reasons!!!
    there are more hackers out there than there are feds!

    believe me would have to do something really naughty to have big brother lookin your way

    anywayz before you worry about big brother worry about your big mother!

    she might be lookin over your shoulders!


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    Well I updated my proxy list and I have 3 silmutaneous conenctions...from Australia to Sweden. Use WhosIP service to look it up. It is randomly producing IP's through the different proxies. The only thin is that to use vbulletin forums such as here I have to go with a Direct connection through the Stealther 2.7 or either use my other browser Mozilla to do it. I have IE configured to go through the multi-proxy(Stelather 2.7) b/c it is less secure. I also would disagree with the opinion of PGP. I had a friend to get busted using hushmail with a list of suppliers/customer list and transactions. The cops found the email address b/c a package was intercepted with product ordering info instead the code for products and hush email. They tried to use scare tactics and even confiscated his PC...but b/c of PGP encryption along with other security measures not to mention a lawyer, Big Brother had nothing. Except for a package sent to a PO Box under someone's name who they tried to say was him...

    So I am an advid beleiver in PGP...I have used it in the past and also used hushmail. I am a new when it comes to all the newer programs. Right now what I am trying to gain through programming and reading the site here, is to get a working knowledge of how everything works. What a Socks4 and Socks 5 is? Technical things...How do I tell if Zone Alarm firewall is Socks 4 or 5? Things like that. Also in the Internet options it says for Local addresses go around the proxy...I didn't check this because it sounded like it would connect directly to Webpages that were local?

    COOKIES-Should I allow trusted sites to read and write cookies so that I won't have to log in and out everytime I go to a new page in the site? Vbulletin forums specifically...

    Oh yea...I would love to chat Tech Specs with someone who is knowledgeable and willing to help a fellow PC Geek out :-) or at least a wannabe. All my friends went out...This hot chic asked me out and I said no...I am obsessed(sp) with learning this stuff....if someone wants to mIRC...still quite don't know what it is, but I am guessing I should be using this instead of AOL, MSN MSNGR, AND YAHOO MSNG...Am I right?

    Secondly I would like to thank all of you for helping with this post and hopefully the information I learn here I can help others out. You guys are really nice here and know how to make a brotehr feel right at home...*sniff sniff* *wipes tear from his eye*..."I LOVE YOU, MAAAAAANNNNN!!!"
    The smallest threat is usually the most dangerous.
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