It seems we are all plagued with the threat of computer viruses that have struck our business and home systems with the release of the Mydoom virus just earlier this year. I think its becoming clear that we go about our daily life's patching and upgrading when the largest threat is the incompetent system administrator behind our network. I am not having an attack at system administrators just the ones that seem to have spent more time playing doom and watching porn than checking over their networks and where can a lot of these sort of administrators be found sat in our schools and colleges as it would seem in the UK. So the economic loss may not be as big as if a major companies servers go down for a few days or lose their data but due to our schools and colleges now using computers and plugging students to use them for all manor of work. Including valuable and sometime irreplaceable course work for major exams such as GCSE'S and A-levels the academic loss could be almost devastating in cases effecting our futures. Within 30minutes of just looking around i was shocked at the huge amount of security holes i found within my colleges system. This also included a default password in place for an administrator account. However a few days ago a virus was detected in a matter of seconds due to continual patch and upgrade schedule. I look in disbelief that some scriptkiddie just can simply go to the internet find a default password list then start to have complete control over the network i use do to my administrators lack of brain cells. However what got me was the fact that in our college we seem to have an obscurity is the best security policy.
A student visiting a javascript programming websiteJavascript has his internet access taken away due he may pose a security threat. Currently im writting up a damming report on the state of the security on the network, but it is clear to me we need to get our priorities straight when dealing with computer security and sort the simple things out first before we start trying to stop the next trojan horse from attacking when we have a default password still enabled.

Sorry if it seems like a rant im trying to display the threats posed by ourselfs. I think you would have to tend to agree though its time we feared our largest security threat- the human virus of incompetence. This is however not refering to people been tricked by social enginneers.