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Thread: The Zyklon Brotherhood is looking for a few good geeks

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    Talking The Zyklon Brotherhood is looking for a few good geeks

    hey, are you good at computers? do you think you're good at computers, intersted in learning? The Zyklon Brotherhood is looking for skilled hackers, crackers, geeks and shut-ins to join our ranks. for more information contact,

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    Wrong site. This is the sexaholics anonymous hotline.
    I'm still trying to tell the diff btween the keybd and mouse.
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    With a name like the "Zyklon Brotherhood", I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole!
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    Hmmm, dealing in warez? Phreaking? H4x0ring? Hmm, e-mail me:

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    you have something against poles msm?
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