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Thread: system crashed and can't reinstall

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    system crashed and can't reinstall

    i tried to fix it but the computer won't let me access anything including the bios. i tried to reinstall win xp but it wont even load the cd. what do i do?

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    Well we may need a few more details than that. Such as does the hard drive come on, are any beeps heard when the computer is turned on or does it sound like its going through a boot process, have you plugged in a different drive and disconnected the current one, did you check to make sure no hardware is loose such as a pci device, and also the specs on the computer as of now could be helpfull to helping us help you. It could be any number of things that are wrong but if you detail the post better we will be better able to help you.
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    A few more clues please..........

    1. Was it working before?
    2. What happened when it stopped working?
    3. Did you change any hardware or software
    4. What machine is it..MoBo, processor, memory amount/type
    5. Did you change your BIOS settings? (100MHz to 133MHz with an AMD Duron procesor is a favourite )

    If you cannot get into the BIOS I would guess that it does not get through the post cycle, so you won't be able to boot from a CD.

    Just to test this, can you get a WIN 95/98 boot floppy and try to boot from that..........

    You should get C:> in the top left corner.


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