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Thread: Telnet Logs

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    Telnet Logs

    hey guysssssssssssssss

    where is the system's log where i can delete any logs on telnet?


    Terminal shell v1.0
    Cayman-DSL Model 3220-H, DMT-ADSL (Alcatel) plus 4-port hub
    Running GatorSurf version 5.6.2 (build R0)
    Multimode ADSL Capable
    ( completed login: administrator level)

    help to get more: "help all" or "help help"
    configure to configure unit's options
    netstat to show IP information
    ping to send ICMP Echo request
    traceroute to send traceroute probes
    nslookup to send DNS query for host
    atmping to send ATM OAM loopback
    arp to send ARP request
    diagnose to self-test options
    quit to quit this shell
    reset to reset subsystems
    restart to restart unit
    show to show system information
    start to start subsystem
    status to show basic status of unit
    telnet to telnet to a remote host
    who to show who is using the shell
    log to add a message to the diagnostic log
    loglevel to report or change diagnostic log level
    install to download and program an image into flash
    download to download config file
    upload to upload config file
    clear to erase all stored configuration information
    wireless to Execute wireless TEACH or LEARN


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    rofl lmao LOL ON AOL KEKEKEKEKEKE ^_____^

    I would consider rewording your post/providing a legitimate reason for wanting to do this.


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    First of all, telnet is just a protocol (unsafe one for that matter). And it depends what kinds of operating systems were talking about here...You didn't give any information on what you want to learn..And you don't just *delete* logs..Like abstronic said, there should be some rewording, explaining why you want to do this in the first place..
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    he might have a reasonable reason...please no more negs until he explains...but if he doesnt

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    n011: Actually, I delete logs all the time - right after I cut them to CD so little monkeys like reuben can't mess with them.

    Reuben: If you've already done something bad without knowing how to "clean up" you are an utter moron. If you are planning to do something bad and are looking for how to "clean up" just be sure that you aren't being "stealth" logged. I do it all the time - you won't get past me or my systems. Therefore you will be caught and unceremoniously introduced to Bubba your new roommate......... He's really nice when you get to know him.
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    personally i think 'LOL' pretty much sumd up his intentions
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