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Thread: matcli.exe problem!!

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    Exclamation matcli.exe problem!!

    hmm looks like im faced with a very mysterious delimma...

    heres da thing, aparently. matcli.exe is moving and deleting programs around. da links dun work coz system says "matcli.exe moved so and so to so and so" which is sometimes a bogus folder. for one, its somehow ralted to HP... and ive been googling it and see many ppl havin problems with it and no mention about a fix that actually worked.

    and to make things work, now da box wont boot coz it says "Boot Sector Virus" and when i ran AVG, it cant see any virus. and AVG is fully updated. Symantec and AGV doesnt know anything about it... and even HP dun recognize matcli.exe's existance even tho my research says it is related to HP.

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    I found this dont know if it will help you at all :
    When present, there is always also another file by the name of "secret.exe" which makes people nervous as it could be exploited by hackers. Let me quote from pedantic Microsoft: "matcli.exe is a motive Assistant Command line interface that gathers information about your system's identity like your name, e-mail address, city, state, etc. and gets written to a log file while silent.exe executes matcli.exe quietly in the background." This file was introduced when HP bought Compaq. It is required to run some of the special data provided in the Compaq Knowledge Center.

    These files were introduced when people bought a new HP printer. You did not say if you also have a Compaq computer. In that case, if you were to remove these files, you might no longer have access to items such as "Fix my Presario computer" wizards. I will leave that decision up to you. The standard way to remove this program is by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs | Select HP Instant Support | Change or Remove Programs | OK. If later you feel naked without that support function, you can reinstall it from the printer driver diskette.
    I'll see if I can find any more info that might be useful ...

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    I have matcli.exe on this box, it appears to be the driver program for my BT (British Telecom) ADSL Broadband online help facility.

    Have you tried running your AV in safe mode?
    Have you got the AVG emergency disks?

    What version of windows are you running?

    Does your AV say what the virus is? It appears to infect executables?

    Copy matcli.exe as matcli.txt and send me a PM (private message) with that as an attachment, and I will have a look at it for you on one of my labrat machines.

    Don't worry, reformatting and re-installing is good for my soul

    Actually you do it on labrat machines as a matter of make sure you get a clean experimental environment each time.

    You might try an online scanner such as PC-Cillin or Panda.

    Check your AV settings and ask it to clean viruses rather than just report them.

    Good luck

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    okies, i run a win98 box, havent tried doin it in safe mode coz never got the chance to since ma pc wont even boot. the AV cant do anything about it coz it doesnt even see it as a virus but just an ordinary file.

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