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Thread: Become a hacker in 5 days ... really...

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    Become a hacker in 5 days ... really...

    Hey all --

    Been awhile since my last post but that's school for ya...

    Anyway while reading through the latest edition of 2600 I came across something pretty funny that I had to share haha. Seems like were all just wasting our time in our endless pursuit of computer knowledge when all along we could of been 'real' hackers in just 5 days!

    For a minor fee of course...

    Click bootcamps, then Hacking Professonal

    Hmm, what will I do with my newly purchased hacker powers ?

    By the way, does anyone notice something ironic about the final four digits of the phone number? haha.

    -- Peace
    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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    "Disclaimer of Warranties and Accuracy of Data
    Although the data found using Cert Camp's server, email, and database systems have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information."

    from company disclamer.. he he
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    usefulness of any information
    // pauses and shakes head...
    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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    You guys laugh, but just wait, I'm on Day 3 and I can already run a port scan, tracert, and ping a IP. Just wait, who knows what I'll learn tomorrow and you'll be horrified, petrafied, oh, and quite possibly stupified beyond belief.

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    I'm the super curious type of course...

    Security Classes                    Hours      Length     Days       Tuition                                                
    Class 1 (Linux+)                              45 days     M-F            $500.00                                            
    Class 2 (Security+)                           45 days     M-F            $500.00                                            
    Class 3 (Sniffer)                             45 days     M-F            $650.00                                            
    *Class 4 (Ethical Hacking)                    45 days     M-F            $650.00                                            
    *First School in the U.S. to offer Ethical Hacking curriculum to Career Changers
    Now, when I entered my info to get this pricing, I didn't put in my phone. It popped up with a "Please capture Phone Information" (???)

    I also want to know who these people are. A little WHOIS gets me this:

    Domain Name: CERTCAMP.COM
    Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Updated Date: 03-jul-2003
    Creation Date: 13-jun-2003
    Expiration Date: 13-jun-2004
    NeoTrace Express has a little more detail:

    OrgID: SII
    Address: Suite 300, The Crane Building
    Address: 40 24th St.
    City: Pittsburgh
    StateProv: PA
    PostalCode: 15222
    Country: US

    ReferralServer: rwhois://

    NetRange: -
    NetName: SII-CIDR-20001129-01
    NetHandle: NET-208-40-128-0-1
    Parent: NET-208-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    Comment: Rwhois information regarding reassignments from this
    Comment: block is available from 4321
    RegDate: 2000-12-05
    Updated: 2002-08-08

    TechHandle: ZS34-ARIN
    TechName: Stargate Industries
    TechPhone: +1-412-316-7827

    OrgAbuseHandle: SAC24-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Stargate Abuse Contact
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-412-316-7811

    OrgNOCHandle: STARG-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: Stargate NOC
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-412-316-7811

    OrgTechHandle: ZS34-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Stargate Industries
    OrgTechPhone: +1-412-316-7827

    ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2004-02-27 19:15
    Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.
    And the traceroute matches that:

    12 ( 43.144 ms 44.879 ms 41.931 ms
    13 ( 41.686 ms 47.046 ms 41.467 ms
    14 ( 43.130 ms 43.650 ms 42.319 ms
    15 ( 47.694 ms 42.900 ms 41.916 ms
    16 ( 48.479 ms 48.393 ms 47.700 ms
    17 ( 54.129 ms 51.105 ms 54.743 ms
    18 ( 53.260 ms 56.720 ms 53.243 ms
    19 ( 54.625 ms 52.665 ms 54.224 ms
    20 ( 55.956 ms 58.796 ms 56.065 ms
    So with all this makes me wonder how legit they are. Perhaps Google could turn up some reviews. I wonder if it's cult instead of a training camp:

    This message was posted by jc, posted on September 04, 2003 at 00:10:44 coming from
    This message is a reply to Re: I love Cert Camp posted from Chris posted at August 08, 2003 at 13:39:24
    Just finished my hacker cert, the boot camp, I recommend to everyone. You will be amazed at what you will learn. > > > Cert Camp prepared me for A+,N+, MCP in only 14 days. Yeah, I learned a lot and the instructors are excellent. Technology changes so fast and I wanted to learn and keep up with the digital age. and their support staff really live up to what they offer. I couldn't pass up the laptop, guaranteed certification or your money back. I encourage people with no experience to give Cert Camp a try. It will change your life, it changed mine.
    This message was posted by Chris Weinberg, posted on September 05, 2003 at 15:38:48 coming from
    This message is a reply to Re: I love Cert Camp posted from Chris posted at August 08, 2003 at 13:39:24
    If you want to know about network vulnerabilities and exploits, you have to take the awesome hacker training course. The class drove around in a bus, equipped with laptops looking for network exploits. I couldn't believe the hundreds of open networks in the Souther California area. CEO's of major corporations would be shocked that all their trade secrets can be accessed by disgruntled employees. The hacker camp prepared me for the worst of network exploits. Network admins, I strongly recommend you take this course before you loose it to somebody that is hacker certified! My job is now more secure because of my training.
    This message was posted by James McIntosh, posted on March 07, 2003 at 04:22:48 coming from
    Mood of this message:
    whoever is reading this, you folks have to give Cert Camp a shot. They offer accelerated training in MCSA/MCSE CCNA/CCDA A+,N+,MCP hacking security CCNP and more. This company is new, but they are dedicated to getting their students to accomplish goals and objectives. The mood is very uplifting and very empowering. Cert Camp, no doubt in my mind is going to change the way we learn.
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    You can not change the inevitable. To truly become a hacker is more than a course that may or may not be a scam you take all your money and information.

    Hackers believe that Knowledge is Power. Hackers also believe in not spoon feeding people.

    You can not be a hacker in 5 days. You can only be a user of tools in 5 days. A true hacker does their research on as much as you can an know how to apply it.
    And the Truth shall set you Free. Free In Deed.

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    I just want the certificate to hang over my toilet!
    Your heart was talking, not your mind.
    -Tiger Shark

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    Hah nice! Hanging a hacker certificate over your toilet. Man I'm gonna make one in adobe and do that. I'll show it to my grandparents and tell them that's what I learned in school.


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    Just great managed to type this after a serious hacking sorry read coughing spree still wiping tears from my eyes I love this post it great,
    I can jsut see it now Hacking in 24 hrs

    Still if you got bored with it haging over the toilet you could always wipe your ..........................

    Sorry in bad taste
    Be pure, Be Clean,

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    i want a serious hacker who can help me in doing my job well........
    am in africa and the security system in africa is very poor so all that i want is a correct credit card information with a correct cvv so that i will use it to place orders like computer notebook and other stuffs to the person address. after reciving the items he or she will send mine to me in africa.
    any body who have the interest in this should mail me back and we talk more my e-mail address is

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