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Thread: Finding a deleted file

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    Finding a deleted file

    Hi. I have read nearly all the posts I can see in this topic but still dont find the answer to my question... Basically when you delete a file, it is not 'deleted' . There are many links to recovery programs etc to do this. What I would like to do is find a way to view all my deleted files which are still on my computer. Manually if this is possible but a program would do the job too? I dont want to recover any of my files...everything I delete is for a reason! lol. Anyway can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    hi U_caNt_KiD_M3
    there are many software for this purpose like Deleted File Analysis Utility i have used it is quite easy to use and scans your computer for file that can easily be recovered and shows you a list of all those files. A quick Google search will give tons of such programs. I have used this one so i have recommanded it to you.


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    cheers guys. Thanks for the help.


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