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    free Message Boards...

    could anyone please give me some links to their best sources for self-installing message boards to upload to my server? i would like to make use of a forum for my website but do not want to use a free website to host a forum for me (like for example).
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    OMG....are you blind this thread is just under yours and it wasn't really hard to find
    its exactly about free message boards
    oh btw dont thank me thank Nielsosky13

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    Im currently using these two.

    1. PHBB
    2. YABB

    Its for free. You could download it and upload it to your host after unzipping it. (by ftp, it would be a lot easier to upload these). Just be sure you host supports it! I would like to recommend you this host FREEPGS (no ads 20-50mb disk space 2-4.5 gig bandwith/month) It supports any message boards, and has good support in case you find it hard configuring your message board. Having your own message board is a real pain in the head. (especially configuring it You could try a remote hosted board jus like scriptkiddie18 suggested. Just click the thread link posted by scriptkiddie18. To add the list MYFREEIB offers a remote hosted Innovision boards. No adverts for now but theyre planning to put one someday

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