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Thread: Sygate personal firewall

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    Sygate personal firewall

    Hi, Kinda new to netwqorking but I have a problem. We have a LAN connection through a switch, as opposed to a router. Basically my computer is the main computer, and the others connect to the internet through it. I have sygate, but it doesnt seem to be able to let me allow them to connect through me. There is an option for me to make an ip address 'safe' but from what I can gather, the way an IP works in this case is everytime a computer is turned on it re-assigns a new ip address, so how would this work? Obviously there must be a way, I just for the life of me cant do it. Any help guys?


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    You have a dynamic address on your internet connection? That's fine. You have two Network cards if you are sharing a network connection (unless you have a dial-up modem, or one of those POS usb modems). Leave that adapter alone. The adapter that you have going to your switch... set it to a static IP. The most common would be Then enable ICS (assuming that's what you are using) and plug the other computers into the switch. They should grab 192.168.1.X addresses and if not, assign them. However you can now go into your firewall and set the adapter with the address to a trusted connection.


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