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Thread: please help me ... i mean it

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    please help me ... i mean it

    Guys, I’ve got a big problem. I had to configure a network for a real estate office. But I ran into a big problem. This network is business class DSL. Behind that is a Watch Guard Firebox Soho 6, which is configured to a static IP when you look at it from the Net & from the inside. Behind that is a switch w/ buncha systems connected to it. One of the systems is a server and 3 are printers. I configured the server and the printers w/ static addresses. - server/ .3-.5 – printers. And I put them into the firebox, so the whole network can share the server and the printers. The problem is that other clients cannot see the server or connect to its domain. I got till this morning to figure out the problem … I have to create a “network on my PDC” for other clients to connect to. Do I have to reinstall the clients, OS win2000

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    Hey Hey,

    I'm assuming your server is already a PDC and that you have it all set up. If it isn't a PDC then you are going to have to run dcpromo and configure it properly. The next step is to go into Computer Name and make sure you are a member of a Domain and not a Workgroup and make sure it is a member of the Domain setup on the PDC. Your Next to step is to go into AD (Active Directory) on the PDC and setup usernames and passwords for those you wish to connect. They should then be able to connect and you should be problem free.....

    I think that's the information you need based on your question, if I misread then I apologize,



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    pls don't go to sleep ....

    yes you are right ... i already set it up like that.... i created a domain name on the server. the problem is that all the other clients are still set up w/ the old values. i figured i can just make them connect to the new server. but how can i make them SEE the new domain... remember the IP's are given out buy the hardware firewall and server is static

    do you think that the DHCP sever can affect the DNS

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    right click My Computer, select properties and on the network ID tab there are the appropriate buttons to allow the PC to join the domain. Follow the prompts using the network admin's login credentials and the PC will be joined to the domain. Bingo, you're in.
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    who do I have to be loged in as in order to make the PC join the domain. Do I have to be a local admin or it doesn't matter.

    Where do I make sure that the other clients are looking at the right IP as their Windows Domain server. I've been using the settings in TCP/IP tab... but is that for "windows" domain or Internet Domain server.

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    It doesn't matter what kind of user you are logged in as on the PC. However, once you tell the computer to join the domain, it will ask you for an administrative account and password.

    You will want to set the primary DNS server on each pc as the address of the server.

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    i added 1 account on the PDC (which "seems" to be configured properly) but when i try log into the domain from a client PC w/ that account it cannot find it ... i don't know if the PC don't see the server (they can ping to it) ... i'm using active directory.... should i remove it or not

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    it says that the domain doesn't exist... does the capitalization matter...

    what the hell is going on... i'm losing my mind

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    Probably a dumb question, but you don't have any firewalls on the client machines do you?

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