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Thread: Hello, think you can help me?

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    Hello, think you can help me?

    Hello, I was wondering how I could hack a site. The sites domain is "this is a.joke.not really a funny". Well What I really needed help on was. What do you guys think would be a good "job" to have to help me to enhance my IT skillz. Right now I am 16 and in Highschool, but I think about my life in the future a lot. Well if anyone has any ideas please feel free to e-mail me <a href=" is some help">here</a> Well if that didn't work then I will just say that my e-mail address is Thanks again.

    This will be edited very soon. i would like to be pmed if my Pics are not ok.

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    -1 : Troll

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    That is what this site is about preventing. Script kiddies like yourself from doing harm and not even understanding how, or why it works. Negative at you..


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    Zeta, this is not the place for those kinds of posts...maybe you should have looked at other posts that have been made with similar questions before making your first post on here and getting neg'd for it.
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    You're introduction has got you flamed pretty good. What may be funny to you, is very serious to those who spend their life keeping young wanna be's out of their computers., We don't joke or kid about that.

    I'm assuming you were talking about a summer job or something similar. See if you can get hooked up with a computer repair shop (even if it is to sweep the floors), an ISP, etc. Some Community Colleges allow High School Students to attend as well. You need to decide what you want to do and then plan out your educational path to meet that goal. It will take time, but school (High School and College) is where it starts.

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    kid! if you want to ask a question ask it in a clear and precise manner AFTER you search the forums and expect an answer right here...this isn't a lonely fuggen hearts club and there isn't a sign that says "looking for pen pals"

    your in school. thats where you enhance your skills. go for a degree in computer science.
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    I concur with the past 4 posts

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    Right now I am 16 and in Highschool, but I think about my life in the future a lot.
    Umm I think that I would have to disagree with that statement. Why ? Well if you actually thought about your future you wouldn't be trying to break into someones site. Knowing that in the long run you will get caught and once you get caught .... well you really will have plenty of time to think about what you could be doing .... of course how much better your life would have been if you had not done it in the first place .... dont forget not having to be confined behind a prison cell ....

    As for wanting to learn [ for the good of course ] read , search AO especially the Tutorials section , join a mailing list , ask etc etc . There's plenty of things that you can do to learn. Everything is within your grasp you just have to be willing to search for it and be able to take the time to want to learn it.
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    coder please avoid one liner posts which just agree with the previous posts. Instead type something fresh and new, preferably productive as well. .

    BTW...i think this kid just discovered s7, so he wants to see what he can do with it ...My advice to you kiddo is to read books such as "Hacking Exposed volume 4" and any other IT books...including NETWORK ++ books. They're very usefull and will teach you a lot of the basics. Also, remember google is one of your best friends. If you see any terms that you don't understand just type "what is...?" in google and you'll get your answer. Doing simple searches such as "Networking Basics" or "Wireless LAN security" will get you plenty of website that will teach you in great detail. Remember, dont make your goal in life to become a cannot become a hacker, its not somethign you call yourself, its a title that you earn from others. Besides...if you know everything a hacker knows, sometimes avoiding the word hacker will save you some time, and headaches. I know I said it to my girlfriend's cousin one time joking around when I told her I went to school for Computer Networking and Information Systems...and from then on she never let me touch her PC without her being there watching my every move.

    Hope I got my point accross,


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    If you are truly thinking about your future, then you should be worried about not screwing it up. Good luck getting an IT job with a criminal record in hacking

    "You'll never work in this town again!"

    What you need to do is set up a lab you can work in ( a private enviroment where its all legal), and learn how to admin it. Then, you READ READ READ, find out what part of SECURITY you are intrested in. Then you READ up and GOOGLE up on that. Have fun, Welcome to AO, learn to ask the right questions

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