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Thread: "No Close" Virus Problem

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    Question "No Close" Virus Problem

    My PC is being bombarded by a particular virus called "No Close." It appears as a window that says an illegal operation has been performed and the program will be shut down. The puter does not shut down. It freezes the Net page, and when you try to close the window it kicks you off the Net back to your desktop.

    I have experienced a number of attacks by this particular virus over a period of several months. Finally it shut down everything online and off; I couldn't even open Windows. I took my puter to the shop, got it cleaned up, and updated my Norton 2000 virus definitions (I don't install Norton 2004 because of reported incompatibility with Windows 98), and for about two weeks I was free of this bug and everything ran smoothly. Now this virus is back.

    Is this a random attack? If so, why do I keep getting hit by this one virus? Is my system uniquely vulnerable to this virus? Or, is it a deliberate attack by an online enemy? If so, what is happening? Is this person firing this virus like a bullet at my PC? How can I defend against it?

    Any advice/information will be much appreciated.

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    Hi there listener check out and read the link below which I have provided for you :


    It should hopefully address some of your questions.
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    Description of virus:
    JS/NoClose-B keeps the browser Window hidden and tries to open selected remote web pages at fixed intervals, or when the browser Window is closed.

    JS/NoClose-B typically arrives on the computer by browsing websites whose HTML pages contain the script.

    JS/NoClose-B is not particularly malicious, but its behavior can be regarded as undesirable.

    You need to install any AV and update it and scan your computer to remove it
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    You could get viruses by just visiting websites.

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    If you are using NAV 2000, you might want to upgrade.
    I believe that NAV 2000 doesn't have script-blocking capability.
    You might want to go to ebay & look for NAV 2001, 2002 or 2003.
    BTW, I'm using NAV 2001 on a Win98 & NAV2003 on Win98se & XP.
    Good luck !!!!

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    I would think about updating your Java from MS to Sun, or at the very least make sure that you have applied the latest patches.

    Remember to run all AV/AT software in safe mode.

    Try WinSonar 2003, it will block stuff running whilst you are on the net


    "script defender"
    you can add files to it as you please


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