Whenever I goto my server on my computer and request an image or file bigger the 23.6Kb apache either only display the top of the image or sends me only the first 23.6Kb of the file I wanted then stops. On my linux when I got to my server and try to open something big it says "Connection to host is broken!" after only show the top part of the page I was trying to get to.

To fix it I tried:
*upgrading from Apache 2.0.47 to 2.0.48
*tried a different computer and 3 different internet browsers
*opening files on server from windows explorer, all images and pages open fine as long as they did get served by my apache server
*checked logs for errors, all files show as sending all bytes and a code 200 but it gets cut off somehow

It seems like apache sends them but that the packets get cut off by some thing.

If you want to see for yourself what i mean goto and try to open an image.

Please help me.

Got problem fixed by downgrading to apache 1.3.28, still would like to know what happened though.