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Thread: I got a question???

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    I got a question???

    I didnt know where to ask this but has any one heard of antivir guard or pestpatrol control terminal. If so are they a good program or should they not be used. One of my grandpas friends down loaded it off the net on to this computer. We already have Norton System Works on the pc.
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    Pest Patrol Control Terminal is a part of ZoneAlarm Pro, the firewall. Not sure about the other.

    However, if his current Antivuris software is working, then I wouldn't worry about changing. So long as he keeps Norton System Works updated.

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    ok thanks
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    Antivir? that by A+Datentechnik Gmbh?.............if so it is better than nothing, but not as good as Norton's AV IMHO.

    Pest Patrol is quite different as it is an anti trojan/spyware etc program, and will do a far better job than Norton in that should not conflict, but I am somewhat wary about saying that with Norton It is NOT an AV product.

    You can have as many AVs as you like, just don't run more than one interactively/in real time.


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    Actually, Antivir is great provided you're not already infected. Because, it sucks at cleaning viruses but is great at detecting them. I keep it running and I've yet to see a virus get through it's resident guard.

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