Keep in mind that I am new to networking, protocols, and security in general. So before I started reading the other TCP/IP books out there I wanted some background information to prepare me.

A few things that really annoyed me about this book are the constant references to food. It got so annoying after a while. The information this book provides is really basic and the first few chapters are a waste to anyone that has at least a basic understanding of networking and the Internet. It really does not go into detail on any subject but does a decent job in explaining in simple terms how things work.

In my opinion I should have not read this book because I new almost 90% of the stuff in it. But I did learn a few things and the book was a fast and easy read. I would recommend it to any one that is new to TCP/IP, Internet etc... Plus I can't really complain since I got it from the library.

Out of ten I give this book a six and if you have at least a basic understanding of tcp/ip and the Internet in general this book will be a waste of time for you.

Next book reviewed will be Windows 2000 bible