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Thread: AVG Slowing down Computer?

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    AVG Slowing down Computer?

    Recently I see that my computer is slowing down and lagging when I browse websites and opening programs. So I thought a reboot will solve this problem. But as soon as mysystem starts, it begin to run slow and lagging again. This continues until today when I disabled the resident shield of AVG and my system run smoothly again. I have been using AVG together with NAV for a long time without any problem until recently. So I guess I have to uninstall AVG soon. Anyone here can recommend any antivirus that can work well with NAV?

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    Running one anti-virus will slow the system a bit. Running 2 anti-virus together is looking for problem in system performance for sure!
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    AVG should if you are a home user look after all your anti-virus needs, using two though surely making sure your system is super secure (Im not even sure if it would) but it will of course seriously affect your performance, go with AVG, free subscriptions.

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    I would suggest just using tha AVG also. I have been hearing more and more compatability issues with Norton products and home users.
    Running 2 or more virus engines with any sort of real time scanning in effect, is almost a guarantee to cause problems, and if it just slowed you down, your lucky. Pick just one and run it. If you feel better checking up on it, then use one of the online scanning engines avaliable to periodically check your system.
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