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Thread: ?Shared Internet Connection?

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    ?Shared Internet Connection?

    I have my brother's and my comp networked together using a LAN. We both have dial-up internet connections, but only one phone line. I have tried for like three hours trying to make it so that we can both sign on at the same time (have one comp dial-up then use other to use internet through that) but I've had no luck. I ran the network wizard, setup one comp as the host and the other as the client, but it still isn't working. My ISP is aol. Can anyone help? One more question. Are there any free call wave type programs out there that you don't need call forwarding for? Thanks.

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    Try putting in your ISP's DNS servers. I've had the same problem as you before, and after I put the DNS servers in there, it worked.

    Are you running XP or 98?

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    I'm quite new to Networking, I don't have any idea how to put in my ISP's DNS servers. We're both running XP. Thanks for the help.

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