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Thread: Netsky Series

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    Netsky Series

    Currently they have a whole series of Netsky viruses which are:


    as you can see there are quite many of them and more might be on they way.
    check out for the lattest virus threats
    ...and here is a link to a remover which will help clean off the Netsky.* B C & D
    stay safe

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    Good to see Virii writers still know their ABCs.

    Havn't posted in over a week. I might be back now.

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    Hehe...i must say that if i knew you would reply like this i would have posted in tech humor
    the ABC just cracked me up

    edit: I would like to add these articles which talk about the Netsky.D worm

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    Hey I just saw this article about guess what...The Netsky series in PCWorld and thought I'd add it to this collection

    All leading antivirus companies have released new signatures designed to detect and nullify Netsky.Q, and they recommend that customers update their antivirus software.
    So looks like they dont know they alphabet cause they skipped many letter no gore?
    anyways here is the link for more info, and remember stay safe out there

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    I know this thread is old lol but i just want to keep the netsky series fresh and update it a little
    ...thanks to SirDice ....i seen that a new NetSky-AB is like i said /am just updating the list
    Thanks again SirDice

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