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Thread: Microsoft Head Talks Linux

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    Microsoft Head Talks Linux

    Microsoft has gone on the warpath trying to convince customers it is safer and, more importantly, cheaper to choose Windows over Linux. In fact it has been the basis of a recent ad campaign.


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    Doesn't surprise me that Microsoft says their product is better and safer then Linux if they did then they would lose money and the same goes for linux if they said microsoft's product is better, but I believe that it is the user who works with the software should be the the judge.

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    Until someone can make a *nix distro that is compatible with all windows products, then windows will continue to be the leading OS software developer in the world.

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    MS's TCO is not based on license fees which is what is a pain to begin with. Case in point... you can have 20,000 workstations and not have to pay a license fee (unless SCO wins the lawsuit). MS's ad campaign is like any other business trying to gain new or migrate customers to thier stuff.

    Other factors include migration from one platform to another, training, expertise, software, etc., etc....

    The bottom line is, if you are willing to migrate from Linux to Windows, then prepare to pay the price...

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