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Thread: Pop-ups?

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    I allowed pop-ups from AO. because when i get a New Private message, it asks me if i want ti to open in a new windows, i always say Yes, so i enabled pop-ups. bu today, pop-ups with Legal Marijuana started popping up, and some with "Buy Headhpones". and Misc, Stuff. Is this really from AO or do i have some spyware. I scanned with Ad-aware, it only found some tracking cookies. Im gonna have to do a scan with C&D and see what i got.

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    now that i couldnt tell ya cause i dont even allow scripts to run but i would be unhappily supprised if that were the case although they are using double-click now. but you can see if you have a message on the main page. convenience is the scum lords workshop
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    Its not exactly what you are talking about but I just wanted to say that I downloaded BFilter from and I love it. Removes adds and popups and it dosent seem to slow down connection at all. Only thing I dont like is that it removes some of the graphic refferals to other sites, i dont really mind those to much, found some good sites that way.
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    Hi MemorY,

    Sorry to say it mate but it sounds like you have some "extra baggage". You may not find anything if they are those IM type pop-up adverts? but I should be getting them as well, and I am not.

    I have a pop-up stopper, but have had no warnings about AO (it flashes a symbol)................I keep forgetting to press <ctrl> when I want a pop-up though

    Conventional pop-up stoppers won't stop IM pop-ups anyway, but it sounds like you have picked up some "conventional" adware to me.

    Good luck

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    I'd have to agree with Nihil on this one. I'd bet this is more of a messenger popup of some type. Plus I'd be quite surprised of JUPM would allow "legal Marijuana" as an ad.
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    I would have to agree with the crew, I have the same settings as Memory and I have not seen any of the advertisements he is mentioning. I will let you know if anything changes.

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    We don't send pop-ups. A user from another of our sites voiced a similar complaint recently and that was the answer they got from our ad department, so it sounds like spy/ad ware to me.

    - h
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