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Thread: learn a bunch of languages real quick

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    learn a bunch of languages real quick

    I thought this was a pretty damn cool idea, I figured some of you would have fun messing around with it as well.

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    #include "stdio.h"
    #define e 3
    #define g (e/e)
    #define h ((g+e)/2)
    #define f (e-g-h)
    #define j (e*e-g)
    #define k (j-h)
    #define l(x) tab2[x]/h
    #define m(n,a) ((n&(a))==(a))
    long tab1[]={ 989L,5L,26L,0L,88319L,123L,0L,9367L };
    int tab2[]={ 4,6,10,14,22,26,34,38,46,58,62,74,82,86 };
    main(m1,s) char *s; {
        int a,b,c,d,o[k],n=(int)s;
        if(m1==1){ char b[2*j+f-g]; main(l(h+e)+h+e,b); printf(b); }
        else switch(m1-=h){
            case f:
            case h:
                if(m1-=e) main(m1-g+e+h,s+g); else *(s+g)=f;
                for(*s=a=f;a<e; ) *s=(*s<<e)|main(h+a++,(char *)m1);

    Heh, I can't make any sense of that code. Tried compiling it but didn't work. And I don't know how to fix the errors

    Brain***** looked like a pretty interesting language . I tried to go to the web site but the link was broken or something.

    Anyways, nice find Popinsky


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    It makes no sense to me either, but I think the code is incomplete (what's the purpose of tab1 and tab2 array?), or, I'm trying to run it on a wrong platform (Windowz).

    Anyway I can get it compiled (Dev-C++ on XP) by removing the (ambiguous) single quote in line 19 and adding the (missing) semicolon in the first for in line 22. Still when executed it crashed with the usual friendly message:
    "hello.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry the inconvenience."

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