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Thread: newbie tools for network security scanning

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    newbie tools for network security scanning

    Hi guys, I want to make sure that our network is as secure as possible. What is the best newbie tool(s) to run and where is the best tutorial on running the said tool in order to see what is going on.
    We have an NT4(All patches up to date) server to which are connected 40 odd nodes and the server is connected to the net via a router which is also a firewall (Netgear FVS 318).
    I want two tools I guess. Something that will highlight vulnerabilities at the perimeter and also soemthing that can track traffic inside the boundaries.

    If anyone knows a good book to start me off that I can get my teeth into that would be cool too.
    Cheers guys.
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    I dont know if this will be of any help to you but you might wanna give it a shot :


    Netwox contains over 130 tools built into one program. Each tool is referenced by a particular number and is readily available and searchable. The coolest tool is the network sniffing program. This tool sniffs network packets and doesn't output it like you normally see with tcpdump or ethereal. No, it outputs the packets just like you learned it.
    Netwox has other tools like base64, decimal, and hex converters, port scanner, mail client, syslog client, dns server, dns client, http server, ping, traceroute, etc.. It gives you the tools to do quick tests without having to use a suite of tools. The default output and way to run netwox is via the command-line though a gui interface exists for its use as well.
    The quoting is taken from : Introduction to Netwox and Interview with Creator Laurent Constantin

    Hopefully some of the other members can give you a better answer which will suite your needs.
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    Languard network scanner is a good freeware security scanner - you can get it here -

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    advanced administrative tools

    download the 45 day fully functional trial version, and if you like it, you can buy the lincense for $45.

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    elmurado - no offense intended, but if you are a self-proclaimed newbie, do you know what the output of those tools will be telling you, and how to correct any identified problems?

    Be sure to head over to the tutorials section and parse through some of the security write-ups other members have posted.

    Also, check out's database of software vulnerabilities. It's broken down by vendor/product/version, so you can look for issues that may exist for specific software packages your server(s) or clients are running. Don't forget - the OS is just one weak link in the chain. SSH, FTP, HTTP, IM... they can all be security issues.


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    thanks guys, yes I am a noob, and no offense taken. I don't offend easily, I never learnt anything without looking ridiculous at least once!(riding my mtb for instance)

    I am scouring the net for resources to help me learn learn learn. I've found sans a good spot and also (a bit more straight laced than here!) also have been learning by trying things and places (ie shieldsup) and the such. will check the tutorials here.
    Thanks for the advice l00p it is all gratefully accepted.
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    For another tool that is 1) pretty decent, and 2) good for a newbie to cut his teeth on, and 3) best of all, FREE, why not check out Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer? MBSA is a decent tool and good help. The link is available right on the AO homepag, or click here:

    Good place to start that wont overwhelm ya right off the bat. There are better tools out there but none as easy to manage, or get started with, that I know of.

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    I didn't know about this MBSA.. just picked it up. Good show, MrCoffee!


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