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Thread: Free remote login?

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    Question Free remote login?

    I need acess my pc from a remote location. static Ip is not an option, so cant term serv to it. I am looking for some free soft. like gotomypc.
    Thanks in advance!

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    what about some form of desktop sharing (I am realy not into the whole MS remote login stuff)
    and a dyndns account (free)

    you could even go for VNC and dyndns but VNC is not a realy "safe" option !!
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    try vnc ->
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    Lucky for you!

    Horsey has written a great tutorial on doing just that... but securely.
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    if you have a router, there is usually an option in the router software. If not, do a search on and you will come up some really nice ones with some good security. Good luck!

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