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Thread: free antivirus review ....

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    free antivirus review ....

    hi .. i wrote this as a guide for some frens .. any comments ? thanks =)

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    OK Mate,

    Firstly, nice idea, but I have problems with your pages.............width is fine, but I lose most of your comments text at the bottom (after the two colour +/- bullet points)..... I am using:1024 x 768/32bit/17" monitor, 75Hz refresh.


    1. You seem to imply that registration is "bad"..........I cannot see that for a product that is worth having? You might not have noticed, but the registration process generally provokes an update check.............not a bad idea? Also, the marketing guys have to justify the cost of the exercise, and that can only be done in terms of number of a registration indicates an up and running system?

    2. You also imply that renewal is a bad thing? Again I question that, as it probably forces an engine update that people on dial-up would not apply, unless they had to? Around here, UK, you will get about 5kbps actual download rate on a 56.6 dial up

    I am taking the marketeeers' viewpoint here (don't worry, I will take a shower and some antibiotics afterwards ) in that "freebies advertise our products, but badly maintained product does not do us any favours, as we get blamed for the failure"

    The defaults in most AV are poor, irrespective of whether it is free or purchased..............that is an industry problem, it would seem.

    I would like to have seen a bit more on detection and trojan handling, and the particular malware that you used in your testing.

    The "new kid on the block" is eTrustEZ Antivirus Protection, I think you need to have a look at that one, particularly as it now belongs to Microsoft.................could be a precursor for what to expect of built in AV in Longhorn?

    /off topic

    How many remember Microsoft's last built in AV?

    /back again

    Updating, that needs a little more work I think?

    1. Does it download the whole pattern file or incrementally update? (at 5kbps that matters!)
    2. How about engine updates..............are they frequent? (check the engine file date )

    Might be a bit proactive as well and give some advice on how to change the default settings, and what to change them to? did ask for comments?

    "And, apart from that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"


    EDIT: New link & pages work just fine. There is also the data about malware types that I suggested.

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