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Thread: School Suspension for Network Trouble

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    School Suspension for Network Trouble

    Check this out...

    I was in my Cisco CCNA 4 Class the other day along with 6 of my school mates...(Im in 12th grade) And we were sending messages with the NET SEND command in Windows2000 Pro. I typed: NET SEND * Windows Error

    thinking that this message would reach my 6 friends in the computer lab with no trouble. Little did I know my message was sent and recieved on more than 150 computers throughout campus. Of course my computer name was on the message so the Admin rushed in and quickly busted me.

    He told the dean that I caused serious network latency and made everyone not able to log on. In addition to blaming me for his poor admin skills he tried to get me thrown out of my CCNA class and my Digital Electronics class. He took away my computer logon account and my internet logon name...(Im using a borrowed account as we speak...hehe)

    I argued about my classes with them untill i was blue in the face. they finally decided to suspend me for two here i am.
    Isnt that kind of unfair? Let me know what you think of my i deserve this or have i been wronged?

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    I am not the one to answer this question..

    I've been fired for a simmilar joke..

    But I do think the admin was out of line by lying ( --caused serious network latency and made everyone not able to log on-- ) about what realy happened..
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    Well, I'll tell you this:

    1. It is a common understanding that the administrators of high schools tend to become rather afraid whenever something involves a command line. Thus, it is to be avoided.

    2. He is incorrect in claiming latency drops to Net Send, and the inability for others to login.

    3. Windows 2kpro can be setup so that all Net send commands are broadcasted on the entire workgroup. This is what happened.

    All in all. I have learned that the best thing to do in computer classes, is to simply not do. If you even possibly think it could get you into trouble, then don't do it. So, do I think you deserve it? No, not at all. But I say that only because I understand net send and it's capabilities, and am thus not afraid of it. Do I hope you learned your lesson regardless, in concern about typical school admins, and their ph33r of cmd.exe? Yes.

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    best bet is to learn on your own PC at home. Set one up, get some buddies to bring theirs over, hack the hell out of each other. but dont do it with the school property. Those who dont understand a harmless prank WILL tweak you. Now, thats what Ill say on YOUR side. On THIER side, you didnt cause latency, you didnt disrupt logins. you DID make about 150 uneducated computer users yell for help...
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    Just curious where you go to school? When I was in High School (Grade 12) we had no such advanced computing classes, but I would have to say at that age you should have known better.

    Also, if they took away your logon and internet account and someone else is stupid enough to allow you to use it after what just happened. I think both of you deserve to be kicked out of the classes.

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    Dude, that's crap. Using NET SEND to * just broadcasts it on the broadcast address (depending on the class of network you're on). It doesn't have anything to do with disallowing anyone a logon, it doesn't cause latency (it uses UDP for God's sake!!).

    Tell that to the admin, then ask him if he knows what UDP stands for..

    But, what have we learned? Stop chatting during class.


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    3. Windows 2kpro can be setup so that all Net send commands are broadcasted on the entire workgroup. This is what happened.
    No it happened because he used * meaning all.

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    If the admin was so worried about it, why didnt he just disable the command line? I dont side with you because you were chatting in class and didnt bother to look at the help for net send, but if he was so worried, then he can easily disable the command prompt in Group Policy on a W2k domain controller.
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    Ahhh I did not catch the *. Ouch....

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    Not only is this admin dumb, but he's got his hole network 150 hosts in a single subnet...

    Eh, what do you want, I can't admin all the schools out there

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