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Thread: Microsoft May Offer an Early Office Update

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    Microsoft May Offer an Early Office Update

    Sry if this has been posted but it is real fresh and new

    M$ is thinking about releasing a new office update before Win Longhorn is released.
    Longhorn is the code name for a major new operating system release expected in about 2006. Microsoft has said that around the same time of the Longhorn OS release it will offer a new version of Office and new server products.
    More info here

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    Euh. Any kid know M$ cannot live with Office $ for more that 3 years!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!!!
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    Wasnt it supposed to be called "Office 10" or something, im not sure thats what i heard.

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    MS screams on how people use thier name and trademarks. However, they go ahead and use the lame line Windows XP Reloaded.

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