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    I recently bought a book that I thought would help me in my future of Network Security. It is called, "The Anti-Hacker Toolkit second edition" by Mike Shema & Bradley C. Johnson. I was skeptical when I first saw the book, but then i started reading a little bit. Following is a breakdown of the book and some of the tools that come with it.

    Part 1:
    Multifunctional and Micellaneous Tools -- this covers the use of netcat, xwindows, and emulators

    Part 2: -- Tools for Auditing and Defending the Hosts -- This covers the use of port scanners, unix and windows enumeration tools, Web hacking tools, Password cracking and brute-force tools, Host hardening, Backdorros and Remote Access Tools, Simple source Auditing Tools, and Combination System Auditing tools

    part 3: Tools for Auditing and Defending Your Network -- This covers Firewalls, Network Reconnaissance tools, Port Redirection, Sniffers, Wireless tools, War Dialers, and TCP/IP stack tools

    Part4: Tools for Computer Forensics and Incident Response -- This covers Creating a bootable environment and live response tool kit, Commercial frorensic duplication tool kits, Open Source forensic duplication tool kits, Tool kits to aid in Frensic Analysis, Tools to aid in Internet Activity Reconstruction, and Generalized Editors and Viewers.

    Tools included on cd include but are not limited to: NMAP, NetCat, SuperScan, winfigngerpring, John the Ripper, VNC, Nessus, snort, netstumbler, toneLoc, Loggedon, EnCase, and many more...

    As you can see this is a very indepth book that has alot of useful information. It is over 800 pages of text that not only tells you about the tools, but walks you step-by-step through hows and whys of the tools. It uses good examples that can be run on a local lan to show you how the too works and helps you to understand why it works, and what you can do to defend against these tools. After reading this book through, I now have a much better grasp on how attackers gain access into computers. I would recommend that anyone interested in security read this book. It also comes with a cd with most of the tools mentioned in the book.

    You can find more about this book and others at


    WARNING: This information in this book is like any can be used for good or evil. What you do with the information is your own choice. It is neither mine nor the authors responsibility.
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    please tell me ,where can donwload this book?
    thank you

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    That book it more like a scriptkiddie book.That jut show you how to do it,But don't tell you how it works.

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    All those tools can be downloadedd for free in the most part. I wouldnt ever buy a book like this mostly because i know I can get most of the stuff for free.

    I suppose for the google shy its quite good really becuase it puts everything on a cd which makes it assessible and easy to get.

    Its probably also good if your on a 56k dialup connection from hell, saves having to wait to download I suppose


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    please tell me ,where can donwload this book?
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    Aren't the authors involved with the Hacking Exposed series (which is pretty good)?
    and for AnnexMicro,
    You mean buy it, right.
    This link will help you:
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    I think the hacking exposed series are wrote by different aurthors

    Ive just finished reading Hacking Exposed 4 editon and found it very informative indeed.
    I would recommend it to anyone intrested in the subject.

    It is made to look like a book to provide sys admin's with a reference to securing their networks but when you have read it, it is very obvious it is for people who want to get involved in the hacking scene!!

    It is a big time skiddie book though, but hey i cant exactly program my own port scanner or make my own version of netcat etc, so it was perfect for me!

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