Spurred on by this thread That I didn;t see until after it was closed I have the following to say:-

The most basic principle of computer security is that if it isn't Explicitly Denied then, ergo, it is Implicitly Allowed.

Therefore, any administrator who allows anything to occur on his network that he didn't want to have happen has no-one to blame but himself.

An admin who has no-one to blame but himself yet goes ahead and lies and makes up "issues" in order to hide his/her own screw up/inabilities is more akin to the twelfth grader he is trying to screw over.

The kid issued a command, (a non-malicious command at that), on a system which, per the admin's policy, executed it....... If it did cause network issues it wasn't the kid who caused them - it was the admin himself.... he needs to take a serious look at his network. The sad thing is, from this story, I get the distinct impression that the admin won't have the skill set required to determine if his network is running correctly in the first place.

Sephiroth: I agree with others in the other thread that you shouldn't have been messing about in class. You are there to learn - if you don't learn you won't be working for me or many other of the professionals that haunt these forums. OTOH, feel free to show this to your dean or whatever if you like, but they should probably know what kind of a network admin they have.... Less than competent, unable to accept their own shortcomings, prone to bending the truth with a heathy dose of imagination thrown in. He/she needs some counselling and some professional development.

People like him/her bother me..... Why?..... It is this kind of admin that leaves his boxes unpatched and then doesn't even recognize that his boxes are attacking the whole world constantly... for months..... like many still do.... Then he/she will lie about it...... That's why he/she bothers me!