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Thread: i need some help finding a antiviruse

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    i need some help finding a antiviruse

    ok i was wondering if they r any free antiviruses that i can download that will clean
    netdevil 1.5
    and spyware cookies&apps.
    because i left my little brothers alone with my comp. and now i have all of those on it

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    Give Avg a try it is free

    Spyware removers

    Lavasoft Ad-Aware

    SwatIT Http://

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    A lot of AVs are not much good at trojans........doesn't matter if you pay for them, they just don't cut the mustard.

    Try eTrust Antivirus Protection From Computer Associates International.......

    I would also recommend getting the 30 day trial of Moosoft's "The Cleaner"

    I cannot be bothered to find the links for you, as you were too lazy to lock down your computer................teach you a lesson?


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    eTrust (in my view) is really geared for corporates rather than end users (I'm half way through installing it on 500 PCs and it's great.. remote install, centrally managed policies.. nice ).

    I use a combination of Panda Antivirus Titanium, Spybot Search & Destroy and ZoneAlarm Pro on my home PC, plus it's patched regularly from Microsoft.

    I call it the "holy trinity" of computer security - firewall, anti-virus and patching. If you don't have all three, then you're gonna end up in serious trouble.

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    I want to offer a bit of advice. I never have an AV running, nor installed. I scan once a week at

    It's an online, ActiveX based virusscanner that is constantly up to date, and doesn't require it to be installed to the harddrive. Now, the reason I use this once a week instead of a constant installed AV plan is because I watch what I download. However, the reason I suggest using it instead of any of the other software mentioned here in this thread is because they all require being installed to the harddrive.

    This means... if your antivirus get's infected during an installation, then what are you going to do? Stick to housecall for situations like this, that way there is no risk of further infection due to an infected AV installation.

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    pooh but surely that online scanner wont be able to remove any of the virii on his drive just inform them that they are there - and as he has all the names I am assuming he already knows which ones he has.

    I agree with nihil get yourself a copy of the cleaner
    its the best product I have come across for removing trojans and does have a 30day free trial


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    val, that online scanner is a fully functional virus scanner. Capable of scanning even compressed files, as well as virus elimination and removal. I only use that scanner, and swear by it. Give it a shot, and see

    Having him install ANY program on his HD while it is infected is only asking for trouble, as the running exe installer would become infected, thus installing an infected AV.

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    Since you know what you are infected with, I would suggest searching for some cleaners first (since, as Pooh says, installing an antivirus program on an infected machine usually won't do much good). Just go to Symantec and McAfee's web site, type in what you have and see if they have some basic cleaning tools. Ususally you just download them, stick 'em on a floppy, boot into safe mode and run it. I've had to do that for a few clients and it's worked well for me. I also suggest, as Pooh did, that you run an online virus scanner to be sure you got everything out of the way before installing any other antivirus program.


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    Pooh's comments are straight out of the textbook but the man is infected with trojans, spyware, adware...............not a single file infector amongst the ones he named........certainly not a boot sector virus?.........not to say he doesn't have them as well, though?

    I will stand by eTrust (free for private use now) and The Cleaner from Moosoft.

    Boot into safe mode and run the AV then reboot and run the cleaner in windows.

    Get AdAware6 and SpyBot Search & Destroy, update them, reboot into safe mode and run them ...reboot again and run the SpyBot immunisation.

    Then get HijackThis!, run it, and post the log here so we can look at it.

    Best advice I can offer

    An online scanner is a last resort IMHO, they frequently don,t work properly because the malware is almost certainly running at the time, and many of them can defend themselves.....that is why I advocate safe mode, but it does not work with the have to run that from a normal windows session.

    Good luck

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    That online scanner checks bootsectors, it checks loaded RAM, and it checks the page file. It scans for trojans, maleware, viruses and worms. It deletes them, and has the ability to repair instead. Mind you, their software database is updated every 5 minutes. By eliminating those FIRST using an online virus scanner, he can then later install a spyware/adware removal tool. Not before, however.

    You forget that if he is infected (And I checked how some of the one's he has found work) that they will still be active in safe mode, because the primary dlls are infected. He needs that online virus scan, and I'm quite serious about that. eTrust, Cleaner, all of that will become infected.

    Your steps would be valid if he was not already infected severly. Don't ever ever treat an online scanner (this one in particular) as a last resort. If you have not tired it, then do not bash it. Never once has it failed me, my clients, or buisness partners I recommend it to. Not only that, but it was the unofficial "Microsoft Tech support" answer when people already had viruses but no AV solution installed. This is because we knew the dangers of AV installation when already infected, and how little a Safe Mode meant to a defiant virus.

    I'm serious. Give the scanner a shot. I wouldn't stand up for it so vigilanty if I did not trust it from personal experience.

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