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    VB6 Add-Ins

    I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to install and add-in for VB6. The situation is I needed to use the error function (ERF()) in a program and fortunately it exists already in the MSDN libraries as I found out in Problems are 1) I dont know where to find the infamous ToolPak they tell me to install and 2)Where I guess if I can find it I could figure out how to install it but anyways thats problem number 2, installing it jeje. Point is Im kinda lost here any help would be appreciated very very much.
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    Hey Hey,

    As far as I can tell from reading that page.. ERF is a function for VBA programming in office, it makes no mention of it's usage in actual VB6, however I didn't look all that much.

    I'm refering to this page

    For information on making the ERF function available by adding in the ATP (Analysis Tool Pak) visit this page -

    It tells how to make use of it in Excel and also using VBA.


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    Hi Q,

    Two questions:

    1. What operating system?
    2. What application is the program in?

    I am guessing that what you are looking for might be on one of your CDs, but it won't be obvious..........Bill likes to set us these little problems


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    Thanks for the link, problem is when i look in the VBA project references the only type of files i can refer to are .olb, .tlb, .dll., .exe, .ocx but nowhere to be found is a .xls.
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    Okay after some research and a lot of stupidity by myself Ive reached this question, is there a way to use a function that is defined for microsoft excel(ie its in its libray, specifically the analysis toolpack ) and which I can use in the VB editor for Excel to interact with a project im coding in VB6?? If I can how??

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