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    Aim Help

    Well i dont really need help, i just have a question. How can i increase the number on my buddy list that limits how many buddys i can have, i know there is a regedit way, i edited the registry key to read 500. But it still allows me only 200. Does anyone know anytoher way to do it ?

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    I think that the aim buddy lists are stored on their servers now... so, if you modify it, it won't matter. the tracking is done on the servers, not the client.

    However, you can run more than one client with more than one buddy name.
    You can use both aim and gaim at the same time with multiple buddy names/lists.
    Or, I believe you can run multiple instances of gaim and ditch AIM. You may not want to do this because some of gaims features are buggy (file xfer) but getting better.

    There is a security vuln. for .75 which there is a patch for on *nix systems.
    However, gaim has not yet released a patch for a security vulnerability for the win32 platform.

    Just trying to dream up a couple of solutions for ya.
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    i was going to say just create another name, put the buddies on, and tell them yuor new name and your old name (if you want) that's what i did and it works.

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