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Thread: Proxy use: is my information safe?

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    Exclamation Proxy use: is my information safe?

    Ok, first post, I'll try not to sound stupid.

    I have been accessing the internet through a random proxy (googled and browsed the proxy sites for a while). My question is concerning the security of my information. I frequently use online banking (haven't since I set up the proxy), and similar ecommerce (ebay, paypal, etc.). I'm sure that the admins running the proxy can access any http I view, but couldn't they also have my banking and other information (from a secure site) sitting in their cache to be found and exploited?

    Thanks for the advice, and I look forward to learning a lot from all of you.

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    First, welcome to AO, and hope you enjoy your time here

    Yes, it is completely possible, especially if someone was to crack that proxy server. example:

    1. You use a proxy server ot stay anonymous
    2. Random attacker breaches the proxy server and begins sniffing all outgoing and incoming data
    3. You go through the proxy, and login
    4. In his log files from packet sniffing (which will be HUGE) is your information
    5. He filters through all non important information and comes across your entry.
    6. Your identify and information is stolen
    7. ???
    8. Profit

    I never use a proxy, as I see little use in it. You go from placing a SSL secure (in regards to the bank) and encrypted connection, to a psudeo encrypted connection by using a proxy. You are trusting a middleman with your information, and not one that has a need to be 100% secured. On a side note, I never saw the use for proxies. Sure they hide your IP address, but that means very little in reality.

    Be weary.

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    The only purpose I see in using a proxy is having it hide your IP from lets say a message board that logs your IP. Or maybe messenger spam from sites that log IP's??

    Wouldn't the security of the proxy also depend on the credibility of the proxy's admin?

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    You could give this a read as it informs you about what you should ask yourself before using a proxy.

    The Dangers Of Open Proxy Server

    But if your still wanting to use proxies you could give this a try :


    Anonymizer, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet privacy and security solutions for consumers, corporations, organizations and government agencies.
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    Wow, thanks for the warning. Glad it came before I got in over my head and did something stupid.
    But the greatest commandment is love.

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