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Thread: is win 98 applicable for a server?

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    is win 98 applicable for a server?

    Just want to know if you can use win 98 as the OS of the server?

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    -nods- Yes. With proper settings, security configurations and such, it can be used as a low class, small server. Even for medium sized sites it could work still.

    As long as you configure it properly, secure it properly... then it shouldn't give you any problems. Perhaps you could give us a bit more information, and I could tell you exactally how well a certain kind of server would run

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    My trainor told me that I can't use win 98 as an OS. I told her that win98 can be used in small local area networks however there are some configurations that cannot be done with win98 not like win NT. She did not agree. She insisted that win 98 cannot be used as an OS.

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    Can not be used as an OS, or used as a server? It can be used as both an OS and server, because there is server software built for Windows 98.

    What kind of server isyour trainor talking about in specific? Web? Login? She is right, however, that there are certain configurations that NT can do that 98 can not, but that doesn't mean you can eventually tweak 98 to do it in a very similar way.

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    re: Pooh's comments

    Although my instinct and gut reaction is to respectively disgree with Pooh's comments, I really have to be honest and state that until we see what the intention of use is here there isn't any solid evidence to support disgreement.

    We could argue about stability, file system security, or even scalability. It would/will actually make for a fascinating discussion. Yet, the fact of the matter is that AmplifiedGirl may come back and write that the intention is to construct a small mp3 server.

    I wouldn't see any glaring problems, with Pooh's caveats of course, with carrying out that intention in Win98 (but please be Win98SE...).

    On the other hand, if we find out that the intention is an Exchange server, I can't even imagine. we'll just have to wait and see what the original poster comes back with in regards to more detail.

    Anyway, consider this a pre-emptive water dousing for the inevitable flames.

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    low class, small server. Even for medium sized sites it could work still.

    I said it works perfect for low class servers Such as a simple apache, a simple smtp or pop. I know this from experience. So while I agree that a large scale network use is impossible with 98, small server usage is completely possible and has been done MANY times before. (even apache 2 runs on 98). It just requires proper configuration for security.

    And yes, by all means 98SE. 98 SE2 would be an even better godsend. I also agree with lessthanzero on needing more information. He is correct, as largescale and mission critical servers are horrible on 98 because of what 98 was designed for. An exchange server for example would be suicide because of network latency issues on the 98 kernel. But... if your admin is just being general, then I say slap the Apache2 documentation in his face and prove that Windows 98 can run it.

    edit: No worries about this being a flamewar lessthanzero, I agree with 99% of what you said

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    re: flames...

    actually, i was dousing you w/ water!

    i'm not sure most netizens will share our views on the ability to leverage Win98 in server fashion.

    but thanks all the same
    Ego is the great Logic killer

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    Oh, just in case someone comes in and says "WIN98 CAN'T BE A SERVER oOMFG!!111five likewhoa!!"

    Which would mean I go balistic, and the next thing we know is that there is the faint outline of a newbie's body, marked upon the city street?

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    My best friend has gotten Windows 98 to work as a web server just fine. Then again we both have experiance, as both of us have messed with it quite a bit. I'm not sure what kind of load he was getting but he had it set up fine.

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    For me it all depends on what is ment by "server". If the question is can windows 98 be considered a server OS the simple answer is no. If the question is more like can windows 98 be configured to perform certain server functions like printer sharing, file sharing, running client server software, then the answer is yes.
    Having said that I would not consider any machine running windows 98 a server in the true sense of the word.
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