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    Exclamation Python Help

    Ppl of the cyberspace!

    I just want to ask how python declare its syntax and its semantics.
    this is my research before i can graduate
    and i'm in need all of your help ASAP to accomplish these things!

    thank you very much...

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    wrong fourm netspy00.

    okay , you would have to do a lot of reading to reaserch " research before i can graduate". you should start reading books on Python . i would suggest

    * Python Developers Handbook Author: Andre S Lessa [/b]
    * Python Bible Author: David Brueck & Stephen Tanner
    * Core Python Programming Author: Wesley Chun

    Check out this python website before you start and don't forget to check out the python Documentation there. i also like this tut Dive in to Python

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    These may sound like dumb questions but have you visited : Python Homepage ??

    The comp.lang.python newsgroup is a high-volume Usenet open newsgroup for general discussions and questions about Python.

    Pretty much anything Python-related is fair game for discussion, and the group is even fairly tolerant of off-topic digressions; there have been entertaining discussions of topics such as floating point, good software design, and other programming languages such as Lisp and Forth.
    You could give this newsgroup a try = comp.lang.python newsgroup

    Give this a look as well : Mailing Lists

    Join one of the mailing lists and I'm pretty sure that someone that is experienced with the language will be able to answer your question in an accurate way.

    There is someone here at AO who can program in Python but I can't remember there name at the moment ?

    Hope that helps in one way or another ....

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    Hey Hey,

    The Other Tutorials forum is for posting tutorials that aren't security related, however I'm sure a mod will move this soon enough. If you search through the tutorials forum. I've written I believe 5 tutorials on Python and I'm sure there are others laying around.


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