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Thread: mini disc softwear

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    Question mini disc softwear

    I have just got myself a sharp IMDR420 mini disc recorder with the purpose of recording my band then uploading it into my PC and playing about with it. I was told this was possible and nowunfortunately after recording possible the best gig ever i am left with a mini disc recorder that will not allow me to upload.

    Please can anyone help me with any suggestions as to how to upload from MD to Pc, or if there is any freeware available that will allow this.


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    according to this link it says "PC to MD high speed transfer (x50) " not MD to PC. you'll have to take the audio out and transfer it through your sound card and then maybe convert to mp3 by using other software.

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    Thanks for the reply. As i am very new to all this mp3 and mini disc transfer stuff, can you tell me which software is best to transfer fro mini disc to mp3?! if there is such a piece......

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    I'm not totally sure whether or not this would work with your specific MD player. However I know that if you connect the MD to the microphone plug on your computer you should be able to set the computer on record and then play the MD. That way the computer would think that you are recording from a microphone but it should still work.
    I'm afraid I don't know of any software though.

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    yup that sounds like the only thing you can do

    connect the MD output to the PC Input

    eg:: MD heaphones socket -->> PC Mic Socket

    There is plenty of software that will allow you to record input from a mic on your PC
    do a search on


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    Check out

    It is an open source audio editing program, and you can set it to record.

    Make sure to go into Windows Sound Settings or whatever and under Recording Options select Line In, or Mic In, depending on which one you want to use. Line In is usually a Stereo port, while Mic In is usually Mono. Mic In goes through a lot of amplification, so if you're recording through it, watch the display area and make sure it doesn't start clipping during the record.

    Have fun,


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