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Thread: Making a cluster with RedHat and MOSIX

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    Making a cluster with RedHat and MOSIX

    Ive been thinking of setting up a cluster computer. Using 4 or so Machines connected via Ethernet. All running RedHat and MOSIX (Multi-computer Operating System for unIX) Any one ever do something like this? Can I run programs normally from the main console and it will use the processing power of all the machines? Is clustering machines considered obsolete?

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    not personaly.. Had dreamed about the idea.. I think a minimum of 5 systems is required..

    other will know more.. in the mean time.. direct your Googles at "BeoWulf Cluster"

    Happy reading..
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    Try contacting the_JinX. He's done that before.

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    Ive herd with a BeoWulf cluster you have to do alot of C\C++ scripting for it. I've come to understand that Mozix is just like a kernel patch of sorts. Ive herd that ClusterKNOPPIX is also good clustering software because if uses Mozix aswell as auto-discovery tools for making the process of adding more nodes much simpler. I'm pretty sure I read that it uses A live CD esk distro aproch for the nodes.... I could be horribly wrong on this one but its worth looking into. Hope that helps a little.
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