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Thread: Can i chat "localy" with other pcs via Lan?!!

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    Can i chat "localy" with other pcs via Lan?!!

    Hi there!

    My question is simple, two pcs, both with XP Pro ( same language versions..i dont think it matters but.. ), both with internet access ( shared connection ) and both distant from each other.

    Question: Is there a way ( other than using MSN or Irc something like that ), to chat with the other person localy?
    I mean, just using Intranet and without the need of beeing both if they both didnt had internet and even so, there was a need for them to get "in touch" with each other..

    If windows already comes with the software for that, how can i configurit..if not, were can i get it?

    P.s it doesnt need to be a "voice" or "camera" chat, just simple old "typing mettod"..


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    investigate the net commands, send especially

    not sure if this is the best link, but it has some details

    heres a quick warning first

    heres another thread covering it

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    Another kid trying to chat at school. If the msmsgs service is enable I believe you can chat via that. I think the syntax is net_send <target computer> <message>. If the computer has help enabled, take a look there for it.


    EDIT: Warning. This may make your teacher think you are a l337 hax0r... so be careful.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you are both on a LAN/WAN?
    If so, check out:

    start, run, winchat

    click on dial, then type in ip address or computer name.

    If you are not on the same LAN/WAN, then an IM service would be good. Or, let them ssh into a linux box you setup and you can use the linux "write" or "talk" (I believe thats what they are... I use it so seldomly...)
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    There are some peer to peer chat programs, free and shareware. Here are a couple of links from a google search...

    Hope this helps.

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    try out winchat that is available from run in is helpful if ur connected thru a lan

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